Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Human Person Needs Revelation

7. A person is capable of knowing God by relying simply on God-given human resources (cf. Rm 1:20), namely, the world of creation (liber natur ). In various circumstances in history, as a result of sin, this knowledge of God has become clouded and uncertain and even denied by many. But God does not abandon humanity; he puts a deep longing in individuals for light, salvation and peace, even if this is not always recognised. Proclaiming the Gospel to the whole world has helped keep people aware of this bond with the Creator and has resulted in religious and cultural values.

The People of God are showing signs of a keen desire—even a deep yearning—for an intense, sure faith. In removing the veil of ignorance, confusion and self-doubt about God and humankind, the People of God can discern and uphold the truth of God among the many conquests of our technological age. This deep, extensive yearning, almost a crying out, leaves a person open to perceive the truth of God’s revealing himself for the sake of humanity and to listen to his Word. This is the underlying objective of the Synod: to investigate the pastoral implications of the topic in guaranteeing and advancing the process of a new evangelization and permitting the gathering of valuable information for ecumenical, interreligious and cultural dialogue.

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